How are you

Extract from video

How to document the world when you are locked down in your house?
This video is my personal challenge to expand photojournalism learning from outside limitation.

“How are you” is a four hands project: me and Kenaw decided to mold a dialogue between two human beings into an audiovisual project.
Kenaw is a tourist guide I’ve meet at Lalibela in March 2020: we worked together for few days but we got friends and we keep a correspondence during all the time. I was worried for him when the war in Tigray started: he was very troubled too. We thought that work together was a good solution to speak about stories and histories.
The towers that appear in the video are real, historical places used as defense and communication system in the XIV century in Apulia. I have staged the scenes to stress the impossibility to communicate and inform due the internet lockdown in Tigray. I felt myself as a relay.
The texts are Kenaw diary’s written in between November and December 2020. We did not modify anything but in the edit we didn’t follow a strict chronological order but an emotional one.
We made this video together to wonder if is possible to erase the difference between subject and object in photojournalism: both of us are either one and the other.
I decided to appear in the video to revendicate the chance of another storytelling based on a personal, female, intimate, contemporary perspective.

The project was realized in dicembre 2020 as result of the residency at the Italian Cultural Istitute of Addis Ababa in march 2020.