An endless day

“An endless day” is a project about environmental, nature and human changes.

It is born as a commission of Via Silvia Residency in France and it faces in a documentary and fiction way the construction of a new urban area in Rennes area with the consequences on the landscape but also on the inhabitants.


I spent 4 months in this part of the French Britany and I divided my project in 2 part: a documentary one to represent the nowadays scenario of the working place and the change in the landscape and a factionary one. At this purpose I create still life with left over of the building materials, I set up plight installation in the landscape and I set up portraits of the inhabitants, workers etc.


This project underlines the eternal transformation of life and the struggles we face as human being trying to find a balance and a stability with the environmental

Book published by Edition de Juillet
March 2021
120 x 180 mm
104 pages
hard cover

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