QUEER IS NOW is an artistic and social research that through the photographic narration of the history and experiences of people and groups belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community, tells the needs of the queer community and the battle to break down the wall of homolesbotransphobia.

The images of the campaign portray operators and users of the anti-discrimination centers of 5 Italian cities: Genoa, Perugia, Bari, Foggia and Lecce. Each of them confided their story to me and based on that, I chose a reference image that represented a significant aspect of their experience in the fight against discrimination. I tried to include as many women and queer artists as possible in this research: Jeanne Mammen, Frida Khalo, Emma Amos, Jaqueline Marval, Plautilla Nelli, Wolfgang Tillmans, Paula Rego, Marina Abramović and Ulay are some of the artists I borrowed an image.

I decided to intervene on each photograph in an analogical way through the insertion of pictorial and textual elements, to overcome the static nature of photography, suggest the idea of fluidity of identity and give space and voice to personal stories.

The QUEER IS NOW project is the work of Alessia Rollo, photographer and visual artist; Gianluca Rollo and Gaia Barletta, queer activists and cultural workers; Francesco Maggiore, visual designer and chaos synthesizer.

QUEER IS NOW – Being Without Borders”, funded by Unar and curated and produced by Transparent, Big Sur and 73100Gaya