Soon, the whole planet will dance

This video installation has been created in 2022 as an assignment for an exhibition at Metropolitan Museum of Nanchino Museum (China) and it’s part of the exhibition “The gifts of Gods. Apulia Felix in between Greeks, indigenous and Romanian.” (Nanchino 2023)

The idea behind the video is a storytelling about Greek divinities and Apulia with the aim to give a contemporary storytelling in support of the exhibition made with several pieces sent by the 5 Apulian archeological Museums to Nanchino. 

I imagined a story that starts in Greece with Poseidon, the God of the sea, approaching Athena, who transforms the young Aracne in a spider and introducing the suggestion of the “Menadi danzanti” (dancing maenads) that leads us into a contemporary vision of the tarantism in Apulia. 



Storytelling and photos: Alessia Rollo

Animation: Field1

Music: Dario Lanzellotti

Ideation and creation of the scene dresses: Marco Rollo

Photo assistence: Rosita Ronzini and Ilaria Rollo

Actress: Gaia Barletta, Jet Siemons, Martina De Giorgi, Claudia Mollese, Lavinia Miglietta


Dancers: Maristella Martella, Davide Monaco, Compagnia Tarantarte (Laura De Ronzo, Adele Benlahouar, Julchen Piccinni, Manuela Rorro) and Silvia Perrone 
Support and love: Santolo Felaco